In-Person & Remote Cooking Classes for Kids and Teens


Take a cooking class this fall either in person or remotely and have fun with us in the kitchen, learn valuable cooking skills and turn “I’m Bored” into “Can you get me some stuff at the grocery store please?”


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Our Kitchen

We are thrilled to be open this summer and have worked tirelessly to provide a safe and healthy cooking environment. in our new permanent kitchen in Circle Pines for the 2020 Summer Cooking Camp season.

We believe in the value of 100% hands-on cooking experiences, so we limit the size of classes to 8 stations, with only 2 students per cooking station. This allows our culinary instructors to provide individual attention to each student. We will be sharing photos on our blog as construction continues.


Individual Stations

Each station is fully equipped with all of the equipment and materials required for individual students to cook their own recipe, including a convection oven, hot plate, and stand mixer. Workstations are fully compliant with social distancing requirements by MDH & CDC.

Individual Attention

Students receive individual attention throughout each lesson by an adult culinary instructor and additional helping hands from kitchen assistants and student volunteers. Masks are required for everyone and we keep our distance 99% of the time. 

Outside Patio

Our new location in Circle Pines has a gorgeous outside patio where we will be able to grow a garden, extend our learning space, and eat lunch in the warm sunshine.

Summer Classes

Students Served

Amazing Culinary Staff

My daughter absolutely loves taking classes here! Chef Tiffany does a fantastic job with the kids. It is obvious how much she cares for each child and loves teaching them about cooking and baking. I would highly recommend the Kids Cooking School and look forward to my daughter taking many more classes here.


– Stacy K. in Lino Lakes

Cooking Classes for Teens

Our cooking classes for teens are perfectly geared towards students in middle and high school who are looking for more advanced recipes to make on their own. Their hands are more developed than younger students and can handle multiple instructions at one time, so we go at a faster pace.

Cooking Classes for Kids (Grades 4 & 5)

Students in 3rd – 5th grade are at the perfect age to attend cooking classes for kids. At this point they are able to read and do simple math  as well as stay focused on finished a recipe with their peers. These classes go at the right pace for this age and have extra time built in for repetition and mistakes. It’s a great adventure for both boys and girls!