Kids Cooking Camps – TV Shows & Viewing Parties

Kids Cooking Camps – TV Shows & Viewing Parties

Are you looking for a cooking experience for your kids that is just like the shows they watch on the Food Network? This year we are hosting cooking classes and viewing parties for our favorite kids cooking shows on TV. From Nailed It! challenges to Kids Baking Championships to MasterChef Junior, we cover all of the favorites.

Please click on the class details below for more information about each specific class since they are not all the same.

Even though we will be having some screen time during these classes, students are fully engaged in hands-on cooking activities and challenges. We have selected episodes with both savory and sweet recipes and students cook in their own fully-equipped cooking station with no more than one partner (unless a group of 3 friends request the same station.)

The Kids Cooking School Is The Happiest Kitchen On Earth!

During these educational classes disguised as fun cooking activities, students:

  • Develop self-confidence and self-worth and
  • Discover the joy of hands-on, healthy cooking at their own station
  • Enhance executive functions like following directions, increasing attention span to work on tasks that take time, and reinforcing math skills through culinary conversions.
  • Encouraging a growth mindset through recipe alterations, substitutions, and learning from mistakes.