Kids Cooking Classes for 2020

This year our summer kids cooking classes filled up in April, so we created a new program on our YouTube channel called the Kids Cooking Class Challenge. When you register your student for the challenge they will be eligible to win great weekly prizes all summer long, capping off the summer by awarding a grand champion two prizes: a customized stand mixer and a YEAR of free online classes at The Kids Cooking School.  

Your child will receive a printable chart to track their progress and you can submit photos of finished recipes to enter weekly prize drawings, including customized water bottles, aprons, t-shirts, kitchen gadgets, and more all summer long.  

The more challenges your child submits, the more chances they have to win.  

It’s so easy to participate, you won’t believe it! 

  1. Register Your Child For The Challenge 
  2. Try A Recipe Or Take An Online Class With Chef Tiffany 
  3. Post Photo on Instagram To Win Prizes

That’s it! Easy Peasy. If you want all the nitty-gritty details, keep reading.  

If you are all-in already, you can get started now by clicking the Register Now button below. 

What’s Included In The Kids Cooking Class Challenge?

We want to get kids cooking more this summer, but when left to their own devices, they have trouble getting started. That’s why we created the Kids Cooking Class Challenge to give your kids different recipe ideas to try on their own as well as LIVE cooking classes with Chef Tiffany to join from the comfort of your own home. 

The Kids Cooking Class Challenge is a weekly challenge for kids to spend more time in the kitchen this summer learning to cook with REAL FOOD! Each week includes 3 recipes for students to try – either independently or with an adult, depending on their experience – plus other cooking related challenges such as trying a mystery ingredient or a new kitchen gadget, which allows students to submit more entries for prize drawings 

Your child can do as many of the recipes as they like. Each recipe is an entry in the weekly prize drawings. Each related challenge is another entry. Bonus entries include sharing the challenge with a friend or on social media. When you register, you will get all of the details in an easy-to-read challenge packet. We are working hard to make this SIMPLE and FUN. 

When you register for the challenge, you will be given the opportunity to also register for LIVE Kids Cooking Classes with Chef Tiffany delivered on YouTube. Each class is $15, or you can register for unlimited summer classes for $129, including any new classes that we add online through August 31, 2019. 

More Challenges = More Entries = More Chances To Win!

What Will My Child Learn?

We realize there are millions of cooking videos on the internet these days. Most of them are geared towards adults – but children have trouble following a 10 minute video that only shows the highlights of a recipe. We love those videos too, and use them as inspiration for our classes.

The recipes your child picks this summer will teach lots of different cooking skills that will serve them for a lifetime, but the learning doesn’t stop there. They will also subliminally learn practical life skills such as:

  • following directions
  • kitchen math
  • meal planning and budgeting
  • cleaning the kitchen
  • trying new things that are unfamiliar
  • engaging in respectful conversations in a safe, online environment
  • and more!

The side benefit of signing your child up for the Kids Cooking Class Challenge is eliminating the pressure of doing all of these things with your own child (unless you want to!)

You can choose how much you want to be involved. We love having parents join us in all the fun. However, many parents would love to teach their kids to cook, but don’t know how, and more frequently don’t really want to take on the stress or the mess.

We get it. Our own kids don’t want to listen to us in the kitchen. Chef Tiffany isn’t your child’s parent, so she doesn’t have this problem. Your child will most likely listen to her just like they listen better to their teachers or other parents.

Have you ever heard from a friend how amazing your child behaved, and you look at them wondering who they are and what they did with your child? LOL – us too.

So if you want your child to…

  • Try new recipes with Chef Tiffany as a guide,
  • Have fun in the kitchen this summer
  • Learn new cooking skills
  • Earn badges and be eligible for great weekly prizes

Then click on the Register Now button below to get started. Once you do, you will receive an immediate welcome email, a kick-off email on June 1, 2019, and weekly emails throughout the summer.

One last thing…

As a parent, Chef Tiffany is trying everything she can to minimize the amount of screen time for her own kids this summer. Yes, this challenge will direct your child to the internet from time to time each week, however, we promise to deliver a safe environment regardless of the age of your child, and encourage students to engage in cooking activities with us all summer long.

When Does The Challenge Start?

You can register for the Kids Cooking Class Challenge at any time. There are 10 weekly challenges beginning Monday, June 10, 2019 and ending with a Grand Finale for weekly winners on Sunday, August 25.

Each challenge lasts the whole week. Your child can participate as many times as you like. We have found that schedules in the summer are BRUTAL, so this allows everyone to cook on their own timeline, unless you join a LIVE Kids Cooking Class with Chef Tiffany which are scheduled at specific dates and times.

Week 1: June 10 – 16

LIVE Kids Cooking Class with Chef Tiffany on June 11th at 10am featuring Homemade Pizza Rolls.
LIVE Question & Answer with Chef Tiffany on June 13th at 1pm.
Recipes: Pizza Rolls, Lasagna Roll-Ups, Homemade Granola.

Week 2: June 17 – 23

LIVE Kids Cooking Class with Chef Tiffany on June 18th at 10am featuring French Macarons.
LIVE Question & Answer with Chef Tiffany on June 20th at 1pm.
Recipes: French Macarons, Crepe Cake, Chicken Satay

Week 3: June 24-30

No LIVE Cooking Class
LIVE Question & Answer with Chef Tiffany on June 26th at 1pm.
Recipes: Cheesecake, Fruit Pizza, Homemade Soft Pretzels

No Challenge During the 4th of July Holiday Week

Week 4: July 8-14

LIVE Kids Cooking Class with Chef Tiffany on July 9th at 10am featuring Cinnamon Rolls.
LIVE Kids Cooking Class with Chef Tiffany on July 11th at 10am featuring Breakfast Crescent Ring.
LIVE Question & Answer with Chef Tiffany on July 11th at 1pm.
Recipes: Cinnamon Rolls, Mini Quiches, Breakfast Crescent Ring

Week 5: July 15-21

LIVE Kids Cooking Class with Chef Tiffany on July 16th at 10am featuring HP Edible Sorting Hat
LIVE Question & Answer with Chef Tiffany on July 18th at 1pm.
Recipes: Harry Potter Edible Sorting Hat, Cauldron Cakes, Golden Snitch Energy Balls

Week 6: July 22-28

LIVE Kids Cooking Class with Chef Tiffany on July 23rd at 10am featuring Spaghetti & Meatballs
LIVE Question & Answer with Chef Tiffany on July 24th at 1pm.
Recipes: Spaghetti with Homemade Sauce/Meatballs, Baked Cannoli, Caramel Pretzel Cookies

Week 7: July 29 – August 4

LIVE Kids Cooking Class with Chef Tiffany on July 30th at 10am featuring Mirror Glaze Cake
LIVE Question & Answer with Chef Tiffany on August 1st at 1pm.
Recipes: Mirror Glaze Cake, Root Beer Pulled Pork with Homemade Hawaiian Rolls, No-Bake Cheesecake

Week 8: August 5 – 11

LIVE Kids Cooking Class with Chef Tiffany on August 6th at 10am featuring Baked Enchiladas
LIVE Question & Answer with Chef Tiffany on August 7th at 1pm.
Recipes: Baked Enchiladas, Churros, Homemade Chips with 7-Layer Dip

Week 9: August 12 – 18

LIVE Kids Cooking Class with Chef Tiffany on August 13th at 10am featuring Zebra Cake
LIVE Question & Answer with Chef Tiffany on August 14th at 1pm.
Recipes: Zebra Cake, Blueberry Bread with Lemon Glaze, Cherry Cream Cheese Cookies

Week 10 Grand Finale (Weekly Winners Only): August 19-25

LIVE Question & Answer with Chef Tiffany on August 20th at 1pm.
LIVE Question & Answer with Chef Tiffany on August 22nd at 7pm.
Recipes: Kids Baking Championship Winning Recipe: Paige’s Chocolate Cherry Cake

Remember, you will have the opportunity to register for the LIVE Kids Cooking Classes with Chef Tiffany at the same time.

Chef Tiffany Shares Why Kids Love To Cook With Her

“Kids love to cook with me because I have the patience it takes to help your child work through a recipe and I don’t mind making a mess. I don’t have the parent/child dynamic with your child. I’m like your great next-door-neighbor to them and it’s a good symbiotic relationship.

Kids like to cook with me because I take the most popular recipes on the internet along with tried-and-true kid favorites and break them down into easy-for-kids-to-understand instructions. There’s a lot of incorrect recipes on the internet, so you can be certain that the recipe I choose is a winner. There’s nothing worse that working through a recipe found on Pinterest and learning that the author left out some important details.

I’m also a little goofy and usually have some kind of rainbow colored hair, so the kids are drawn to me like a coach.

Since 2017, I have taught over 1500 students and I cook with my own children on an “almost daily” basis. I usually know exactly which part of a recipe your child might experience difficulty and have the ability to lead your child past common mistakes.

That doesn’t mean I do everything for your child. Many parents end up taking over because their child is having trouble. There’s either a time limitation – or maybe not as much patience.

Believe me, I get it. It’s much easier for me to cook with YOUR child than MY child!

One of my mantras is “We Learn More From Our Mistakes Than We Do Perfection.”

It’s important to give children the freedom to make mistakes – and messes – in a safe environment where mistakes are celebrated with hoots and high-fives. I’m known for responding to major spills by exclaiming “Woops! Let’s clean that up quickly so we can keep going!”

During the Kids Cooking Class Challenge, obviously I will not be in your kitchen with your child, however, I will be just a comment away on YouTube where anyone can ask questions during a live class and I always include cleaning up as an integral part of cooking. Part of the weekly challenge is posting photos of a clean kitchen!

I will also hold live Q&A session on YouTube throughout the summer for students who are not registered for live classes can ask questions in real time. You can also post questions on social media or send me an email.”


Chef Tiffany

Kids Cooking Class Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

Although we are working hard to make this as simple as possible, we also understand that there can be a lot of questions about what you are getting into. Below is a all of the questions that we can think of that you might want to know. As we hear new questions, we will update this page.

Do We Have To Participate In Every Challenge?

Nope! We know you are busy this summer, so just because you sign up for the Summer Cooking Class Challenge does not mean you have to participate every week. You get to choose when and how you want to participate. We will deliver all of the options to the email you use to register, and we will chat about it a LOT on YouTube and Facebook.

What Ages Can Participate?

Any student can participate in the challenge. There is not a specific age that your child will magically become independent in your kitchen – it’s dependent on the maturity, interest, and coordination of your child. Independence is usually a direct result of your willingness to allow them to have hands-on experiences in the kitchen under your direction, so let them try recipes and make mistakes and messes.

We trust that you as a parent know your child and whether they can work in the kitchen independently or if they need help from an adult, an older sibling, or a babysitter. Please also discuss whether you would like to be home when your child is working in the kitchen or if it’s ok to cook when you are not home. Many families have boundaries around the kitchen – like it’s ok to make anything that doesn’t require the stove, or a sharp knife, etc.

You can avoid stress by setting expectations and boundaries, and then giving your child the opportunity to show you periodically how they have improved.

What’s In The Challenge Kickoff & Weekly Challenge Packets?

At the beginning of the challenge you will receive a Challenge Kickoff packet with details that apply to every challenge, including things like the technology we will use to execute the challenge, rules of engagement, how to submit for prize drawings, how to print your progress chart, etc.

The week before each challenge, you will receive an email from Chef Tiffany that outlines all of the details for the week. This includes:

  • What challenges are available this week
  • Schedule for the week for online experiences
  • Recipes with ingredients and equipment needed
  • Additional printouts as needed
  • How and when to submit “proof” of challenges your child met
  • Links to resources
  • If you also signed up for a LIVE Kids Cooking Class with Chef Tiffany, you will receive a separate email

How Do You Win Prizes?

Kickoff Contest

We thought it would be fun to have a Kickoff Contest for downloading the kickoff packet. Three (3) random winners will receive a customized apron for their child to use during the Kids Cooking Class Challenge this summer. This contest is to motivate you to download the packet right away so you can review the details, ask any questions waaaay in advance of the challenge start date, and avoid any stress the day each challenge starts. Winners will be announced on social media, YouTube LIVE and notified by email at 7pm on Friday, June 7th.

Weekly Cooking Challenges

Once the challenge is under way, there are more prize drawings! Each week there are multiple challenges that your child can complete to earn entries in our prize drawings. Details regarding the challenge are included in the Kickoff Packet and will generally include things like sharing facebook posts, subscribing to our YouTube channel, watching YouTube videos about the weekly challenge, and posting photos of completed recipes on Instagram. (We are still working out technology options that make choosing winners FAIR and will share specific details as soon as we know how it’s going to roll out. )

Legal Disclaimer

Chef Tiffany, The Kids Cooking School, Healthy Strong Kids of Minnesota, their employees and board of directors are not responsible for any damages or injuries as a result of participating in the Kids Cooking Class Challenge.

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