Let Us Host Your Kids Cooking Birthday Party

Our kitchen is the perfect place to host a kids cooking birthday party. We do all of the heavy lifting while you get to enjoy your time! Our parties are two hours long and includes time to cook and eat, time to unwrap gifts, and clean up (an important lesson). You may provide decorations, although it’s not really necessary. We create a very festive atmosphere.

Our parties require a 10 child minimum and we can host up to 16 children. Our school is equipped to handle 20 people total (including the Chefs and the adults so keep that in mind when planning your party).

Your party can be customized to your child in many ways. Maybe you’d like them to bake their own birthday cake or have a cupcake wars challenge. Or perhaps they’ve got a favorite food they just love. We can do that too!

If you’re stumped for ideas, we are happy to give you suggestions such as:

  • Cupcake Wars (most popular)
  • Cupcake Theme (you get to choose a recipe based on your favorites)
  • Cutthroat Kitchen
  • Tea Party
  • American Girl
  • Boy Scout Or Girl Scout Badge
  • Smoothies
  • Make Your Own Pizza
  • Make Your Own Pizza or Pasta
  • Grilling (May – October only)
  • Stadium Food (softball or baseball theme)
  • Hockey (frozen treats)
  • Mini Pies
  • And More! Let us know if you have a theme in mind. We are good at rolling with it.

Package Addons

Based on popular demand, if you are looking for one-stop shopping for your birthday party, we have added two options to make your party as easy to plan as possible.

Pizza Pack: If you have selected a dessert recipe for your party and would like to feed the children pizza while their dessert is cooking, this is the addon for you. For an additional $50, you can add a Pizza Pack which includes an additional 30 minutes so you don’t miss out on any cooking time, along with 2 pizzas (cheese and pepperoni), garlic breadsticks, and a drink (lemonade, apple juice, or water) for each child. This package serves 10 children. Additional children is $5.00/child and can be paid for the day of the party, just like additional party registrations.

Apron Pack: Are you tired of spending time and money creating gift bags that typically just get thrown away? For an additional $50.00 we will provide a new apron for each child (up to 10 aprons) to keep as a party gift. You can choose between black, white, red, green, pink, purple or orange. Additional aprons are $5.00/ea.

If you have any questions, please contact us at tiffany@kidscookingschool.org. Since we have odd business hours, email is the best way to reach us. We will call you back shortly.  Please remember to include your phone number in your email!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost?

Our price is $250 for up to 10 children. If you want to turn your party into a challenge, we need an extra hour and the fee increases to $299. Additional children are $25/child and we can have a maximum of 16 children. Please note the Fire Marshall says we can’t have more than 20 people in here a time (including us), so please consider this when you think about your invitations.

Add-Ons: as described above, the Pizza Pack is $50 for up to 10 children and the Apron Pack is $5/child. 

How does it work?

We choose a recipe together and at the start of the party, we review the recipe with the children. Your guests work in teams of two, but there is at least one serving for each guest.

Your guests get to experience our kitchens and DO their OWN cooking!

If there is a challenge, that is part is part of the birthday party. We’ll judge, vote and cheer for all (but there is a clear winner and a small prize)!

After cooking, we sit down and eat what we make together. Then it’s time for an important lesson, the clean up!

And last but not least, there is time at the end to open gifts in our front parlor if you choose to allow time for that. This reduces cooking time, so keep that in mind. Plan 20 minutes for gifts.

What can we make at The Kids Cooking School?

We can make just about anything  your heart desires, within a 60 minute limit and with budget considerations required. We have found that most people want to make and enjoy their birthday treat. If you’ve got special allergen accommodations that require expensive ingredients, we are happy to work together to provide a great experience, it just might mean that we’ll need to increase our budget! .

How many people can you accommodate?

We can host a total of 20 people (including us) in here at a time. So please keep this in mind as you send invitations. 

Is there time for opening gifts?

Yes! We can save approximately 20 minutes at the end of our parties for opening gifts or social time with party guests. However, gift opening reduces the amount of time you have to cook so keep that in mind. You can choose to skip the gift time for more cooking time if you like. 

How do I book my date?

To book your date, click the “I’m Ready To Book My Party” button below.