Meet Tiffany – The Kids Chef

People ask me all the time: “Tiffany, how did you teach your kids to eat healthy when they are surrounded by junk food everywhere they go?”

I’ll be honest. It took me learning to eat properly myself and simply providing a variety of whole foods at each meal.

quite a few years to figure it out. You see, nobody taught me how to cook. As a child, we ate dinner on TV trays in front of – you guessed it – the TV! As an adult, I could only make your basic tacos and spaghetti. Recipe experiments were a disaster.

Then I had my first of two children and I knew I had to do something different. I was determined to teach them to love family dinners and learn healthy cooking and eating habits. So I taught myself to cook. I loved it so much I went to culinary school and then started teaching the neighborhood kids how to cook through Centennial Community Education. That’s when the idea of The Kids Cooking School was born.

Here at the Kids Cooking School, we do all the work that goes along with teaching young people to cook – we do the shopping, the teaching, practicing, burning & learning, and of course – all of the cleaning (students help clean during class, but we have to clean again after they leave).

It is our mission – and our JOY – to give your children the opportunity to develop healthy habits, self-confidence, and a positive attitude through the power of cooking.

Where Is Chef Tiffany Now?

Although I was heartbroken when my own cooking school closed in late 2018, I am very excited about the partnerships that I am working with to provide a more sustainable nonprofit business for myself, my family, and the community.

To learn more about where I am currently teaching classes, you can read our current class catalog which also has links to the partners who are hosting our classes. You can also read our Frequently Asked Questions (coming soon).