Kids Cooking Classes

Watch fun cooking videos designed specifically for kids and join LIVE events with Chef Tiffany on YouTube .

Summer Online Classes

Learn to cook in your own kitchen! Both LIVE and cooking challenges!

Summer Camp 2019

Registration is open, but limited availability.

School Release Days

Registration for 2019-20 school year opens July 8, 2019.

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Welcome Ask Pat 2.0 Fans!

First, a huge thanks to Pat for selecting my question for the Ask Pat 2.0 podcast and the time he spends paying it forward to his audience. I learned so much about my business and about myself during our coaching call. If you have been wanting to submit a question – just do it! It was an amazing experience.

If you have not listened to the episode, you can listen here: Episode 1067: How Can I Succeed with a Business I Care About that Once Failed?

Read an update from Chef Tiffany since this podcast was recorded: “What Is The Kids Cooking School Doing Now” otherwise known as “how I started over – again.”
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